It's Also A Good Sandwich

a b s o l u t e l y s p i f f i n g

30 July
Howdy Bros. I thought that I might as well have somewhere to put my rambling and keep my buddies updated. I like to talk about things, important or silly. Something I'm probably going to do is refer to comics or video games, since those two things are hobbies of mine. I'm proud of my nerdfighter status thank you, and I am currently working on being even more nerdy in the future.

Some music artists that I really like are LUDO, Tiago Iorc, Kyle Andrews, and Ellie Goulding. However, I like all music, especially up beat songs and awesome ones like Don't Stop Believing. I like almost any movie you throw at me, especially ones like: The Losers, Kick-ass, How to Train Your Dragon, Fantastic Mr. Fox, or Book of Eli,

My favorite decade is the 20's.

This ending statement is lame by default.