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I haven't bought clothes in forevahs gaiz. I went shopping today with Tia (Not on lj i think), [info]fuebiinnuendo , and [info]ispeakmuffin. I haven't gone shopping in months and months, so I bought essential things...however
I failed to get a purse and I also failed to get new shoes. Doy.  I'll go back for those later.
Realy sucks because I found THE perfect shoes but they weren't in my size. Also I found a GORGEOUS dress,
but I couldn't buy it because I had to save my money for pants, beh.

I spent about 100 dollars shopping, I bought 2 pairs of jeans, a vest, a sweater, and a tan jacket. it cost about $100 dollars ( a little more than that actually) Is that good, or did I spend too much you think? Who knows :P By the way, you guys should shop at "hipe" it's across from lansdowne and the clothes are perfect. By perfect I mean cheap designer stuff in good quality, also they have a sale right now. AND NEXT STORE IS A SHINY GLORIOUS COMIC SHOP FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH AWESOME JUICE. GO THERE AND BE AMAAAAAAZED. 

By the way, those of you in art, what are you doing for your steam punk projects? If you aren't in art, what do you think would look absolutely spazztastic redesigned as steampunk? What about a steam punk city or scene?? (like a church with pipes and machines being built from it, or a steam punk airship with steam pirates.) I honestly really like this project boohoo.

In other news, I started watching asian dramas, NOW BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING, these dramas are hilarious. Quite hilarious indeed. The one called "Hi my Sweetheart" is about a guy who loves the pink panther and he is a dork and I love him. Now, I know alot of you don't care for dramas and such (PS: This one is from china, so it's from my motherland and therefore seeps out awesome.) so I'm just going to stop there.

Can't think of much else to say except I fail at working on comics, beh. I'll work on it tomorrow I swear. I'll post some pictures up next, okay?

Doin' as I was Told...

      HEY GAIZ, apparently my profile is utterly boring and is in need of some right proper spiffing up. And so, I was ordered several time to post a journal entry, which brings me to my current situation. Writing a Journal. Simple enough. Except I haven't the slightest clue on what to write about.

   Well I woke up this morning and brushed my teeth, and did all the other hygenic cleaning of my facial orfices, (aka putting in contacts, washing my face etc.) then I had an english muffin....LIKE HELL I'M WRITING ABOUT MY DAY. That poo is boring >:I


   OH I KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT. Since all the people who have me on livejournal are my school buddies (and I still have more of them to add) I'm sure you've all heard about the webcomic fuebiinnuendo  + ispeakmuffin ) about all of our lovable, if not retarded, pets. Ooddles of fun right there. Literally buckets spilling over with joy. Well, besides the agonizing work and loss of sleep that will follow this sad, sad idea. It's obvious this comic will be anthro, since neither me nor maddi can draw proper animals in a realistic manner (Well we could but we'd have to practise a whole lot...guess we better start practising). I never really preferred anthro stuff myself, but I don't really have an opinion on it. Why not?

    If you guys know of any really awesome pets that we could include, feel free to jump in and tell us about the pet. I'd prefer if it was a pet we could meet or see pictures of though. Cause, y'know, it's hard to draw something we've never seen before.

Now here are some pictures Me and Maddi (Mostly Maddi since all my drawings looked like barf that day) doodled while planning our Animal Crackers:

1)*                                                                    2)*                                                     
This is Steve the wail. He is shiny, bald, and glorious. He may also be hindu, or he may just have a sniper pointed at his head.

) Scout Chow Mein...not exactly clear on how he or any of the other things came into being. Also, bird hands for Belarus say ILU
2) This is our original SRSBZNZCHARACTERCONCEPT for Pilot. Somehow we thought he had only one spot on his face so we gave him an eyepatch...then we put a hole in the eyepatch so he could see CAUSE THAT MAKES SENSE. Also Tank in a wheel chair is there since the real Tank is missing a hind leg. (Pilot has maple leaf underwear on...this includes maple undies and two maple nipple stickers does that count as slightly explicit content?)
3) This is Steve the wail. He is shiny, bald, and glorious. He may also be hindu, or he may just have a sniper pointed at his head. He loves Pi...not clear on whether it's math pi, Pilot, or pie pie.

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